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Our Story

What is the difference between Panoramic CBD and everyone else?

Sadly, there is currently a lot of dishonesty in the CBD industry, including scientifically impossible levels of CBD in products. As consumers, this was not acceptable to us. For this reason, bringing honesty to the CBD industry is one of the main reasons that we started Panoramic CBD. There are many beneficial claims by those taking CBD, including reduced anxiety, pain, and depression, so we want to help our clients with the best products for their individual needs. We believe that when you put something in your body, you certainly should know exactly what it is. Therefore, sharing our laboratory test reports with you for transparency, and testing throughout the entire process to ensure regulatory compliance and optimal quality, is our mission. We grow, nurture, harvest, process, and package our product from start to finish because eliminating the middleman allows us to offer the best products at the lowest price possible. By choosing quality hemp strains from the start and putting proper care into quality farming and processing, we create a healthy natural product without the need for additional processing. A common approach for the production of full-spectrum oils is to deconstruct the components of hemp through distillation and remediation. Next, they reconstruct it by adding back in the cannabinoids and terpenes of interest while leaving out unwanted compounds. On the other hand, we bypass the need for that by ensuring quality throughout the entire process, providing you with an all-natural product.


How we began.

In 2019, the founders of Panoramic CBD set out with the goal of providing trustworthy and quality CBD products. With their combined expertise in farming, biology, chemistry, engineering, business, and laboratory services, they had all the right pieces to develop these incredible CBD products, “from soil to oil.” Our journey starts by planting premium sourced hemp seed in the optimal sandy soil of central Wisconsin. Next, we control water and organic nutrients to ensure optimal conditions for a healthy crop. We never use pesticides or other chemicals in our fields. In addition, tender care is taken to weed and harvest every plant by hand. Throughout the growing season, we test and monitor cannabinoid levels to ensure healthy production, as well as compliance with the state limit of .3% THC. After harvest, the plants are hung to dry, removing moisture and preventing mold. This preserves terpenes and prevents heat degradation of CBD and other cannabinoids in our full-spectrum product. Further testing of the plants gives accurate cannabinoid values for our smokable flower, which we hand-pick and de-stalk. Once we evaluate the results, packaging of select flowers takes place for your smokable enjoyment.


Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

For oil production, we utilize cold ethanol extraction to withdraw cannabinoids out of the remaining flowers and leaves while leaving behind waxes, lipids, and chlorophyll. This produces clean, pristine oils available for you here. Additional lab testing is performed to get the exact CBD content in every batch of crude oil produced. Next, the blending of the crude oil with the biologically ideal carrier oil, fractionated MCT coconut oil, produces the final product. Final lab testing ensures the highest quality CBD oil available before packaging and labeling completes our mission. Finally, the only step remaining in the panoramic process is shipping our exceptional product, free of charge, straight to your door.

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