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MCT Coconut Oil, An Added Benefit of Our CBD Oil

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

MCT Coconut Oil and why Panoramic Organics uses it as our carrier oil

When you look around, you can find a lot of natural products that can bring health benefits for you. MCT coconut oil is one of the most popular supplements that you can buy on the market now. This oil contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). These triglycerides have a short length, so they are easily digested. This type of oil is commonly extracted from the coconut. Before you decide to buy our CBD oil, we would like to share all benefits that are offered by this natural ingredient. Here are some good reasons why you may want to consider buying Panoramic Organics CBD oil for improving your health.

Why Should You Start Consuming MCT Oil?

1. Promote weight loss effectively

If you want to lose weight naturally, you can consider using MCT coconut oil regularly. This oil is going to increase the release of two important hormones, leptin and peptide YY. Both hormones will promote the feeling of fullness in your body. Because of this reason, you can reduce the possibility of over-eating in your daily life. MCT oil also contains fewer calories than any other long-chain triglycerides or LCTs, which are commonly found in some foods, such as avocados, olive oil, and also nuts. The MCT oil can also work on your gut environment by optimizing the growth of good bacteria inside your digestive system. A good digestive system plays an important role in helping you lose weight quickly.

2. Provide instant energy for your body and your brain

It is one of the most important benefits from MCT oil. This oil is commonly used as a super fuel for your body. Your body will be able to absorb the medium-chain triglycerides faster than the long-chain triglycerides (LCTs). This substance is going to travel straight to your digestive system immediately because it has a shorter chain length. If you are on the ketogenic diet, the MCT can also be converted into ketones in your liver. These ketones are going to pass through your blood-brain barrier, so they can provide immediate energy source for your brain. You can see instant energy rise when you use this type of oil regularly.

3. Reduce lactate buildup in your body

When you do any harsh training or activities, your body will produce a high amount of lactate in your body. However, a high level can impact your exercise performance negatively. A high level can also produce some negative side effects on your body. Therefore, you need to learn about how you can limit the production of lactate in your body. Taking the MCT can be considered the best way to reduce lactate in your body effectively. Because of this reason, this product is also recommended for all athletes who love doing any physical activities in their daily life. You can improve your physical activity performance by using our CBD oil with MCT oil regularly.

4. Fight against yeast and also bacterial growth

This is another benefit that you can get from this oil, especially if you have some infections caused by yeast or bacteria. Some essential fatty acids can be found in the MCT, for example capric, lauric, and caprylic acid. All of these fatty acids have a good ability to reduce bacterial and yeast growth effectively. You can use this oil for treating some bacteria or yeast-related disorders, such as thrush or other various skin infections. No side effects have been found to be caused by this oil, especially when you use this product on your skin.

5. Reduce cholesterol effectively

You need to understand that high cholesterol levels can impact your heart health negatively. Therefore, you need to learn about how you can control this cholesterol level in the right or normal level. MCT oil is proven to be very effective to help you maintain the right amount of cholesterol in your body. When you use this oil regularly, you can reduce bad cholesterol or LDL level and increase good cholesterol or HDL level in your body effectively. This oil can also reduce the production of C-reactive protein or CRP substance in your body. This CRB is an inflammatory marker that can increase the risk of getting heart disease. Adding this oil to your diet can help you reduce your risk of heart disease effectively.

Get the Best CBD Oil with MCT Coconut Oil Today

Now that you know all benefits that are offered by the MCT oil, you can see why Panoramic Organics has chosen to use it as the carrier oil in all of our CBD oil products.

Try some today!

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