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Pet Friendly CBD


Flavor Option: Bacon


Monthly Subscription: Subscribe and save 10%. Have your CBD oil sent to you automatically. Contact us to cancel or make changes to your subscription. Subscriptions can only be canceled after 2nd shipment. Cannot be combined with other discounts.


Pet Friendly CBD dosing chart 


Developed with your special member of the family in mind, because they need relief too!


Ingredients:   MCT Coconut Oil,  Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Please click on the link above to the Pet Friendly dosing chart for the best amount to give your pets.


Drops can be placed directly in the mouth or added to their food or favorite treat.


If the recommended dose does not seem to have an effect, please try adding more.


Don’t hesitate to call (800) 506-0599 or email with any questions!


Grown in the optimal sandy soil of Central Wisconsin, processed, and distributed by Panoramic Organics, LLC


What is the difference between Panoramic Organics and everyone else?


By choosing quality hemp strains from the start, and putting proper care into quality farming and processing, we create a healthy natural product without the need for additional processing.  A common approach for production of full spectrum oils is to deconstruct the components of hemp through distillation and remediation. Next, they reconstruct it by adding back in the cannabinoids and terpenes of interest, while leaving out unwanted compounds. On the other hand, we bypass the need for that by ensuring quality throughout the entire process, providing you with an all natural product.


Pet Friendly CBD

We value our pets and know how important every family’s pet is, and they deserve the best products with the best ingredients. For that reason, the only two ingredients is our quality full spectrum CBD oil and the potential health benefits of MCT coconut oil.


For oil production, we utilize cold ethanol extraction to withdraw cannabinoids out of the remaining flowers and leaves while leaving behind waxes, lipids, and chlorophyll. This produces clean, pristine oils available for you here. Additionally, we perform lab testing to get the exact CBD content in every batch of crude oil we produce. Finally, the blending of the crude oil with the biologically ideal carrier oil, fractionated MCT coconut oil, produces the final product. Final lab testing ensures the highest quality CBD oil available before packaging and labeling completes our mission. The only step remaining in the panoramic process, is shipping our exceptional product, free of charge, straight to your door.


From Soil to Oil!


Currently, all testing is performed by Verdasure Laboratories.

Pet Friendly CBD - 500mg / 30ml

SKU: 860003556719
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